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Adrienne Schleigh aka “The Diva”
Committee Co-chair

Adrienne spent her High School years singing, dancing, acting, and being an all-around Diva. Well, things haven’t changed much! After several years as the Vice President of the Ugly Disco committee and planning numerous other charitable events, she’s ready to head up this amazing event as the co-chair of the committee. And as the resident craft beer aficionado (@roc_brewnette) she’ll make sure the libations will almost negate the need to spike the punch…almost…

Reagan aka “The Foxy Prankster”

Back in high school, Reagan was voted “Best Eyes”and those baby blues got her into trouble in more ways than one… ask her about the time she climbed on the roof of the building to ensure a spirit week win. From years of running her own marketing agency, serving on the Ugly Disco committee and starting the Redneck Summer Throwdown charity volleyball tournament, she’s now co-chairing Roc Prom Rerun where she’ll be handling social media and website duties. And those eyes? She’s now harnessing the power of those baby blues to lure prospective donors to our cause!

Heidi K aka “The Dancer”

Since high school, Heidi has taken her dancing skills and applied them to juggling: juggling teaching, working, four kids, and chairing multiple charity events. Unbelievably, she’s adding one more dance move to her repertoire: heading up all food and beverages for the event!

Bonnie Turner aka “The Social Butterfly”

Volunteer Coordinator

In high school you could always find Bonnie surrounded by friends and making plans whether it was after school sports, school dances. mission trips or slumber parties (did someone say, “Sign my yearbook”?)  She still surrounds her self with like-minded, fun-loving friends, and serves on several nonprofit committees varying from professional conferences to Girls on the Run.  Bonnie will be seeking additional fun-loving-do-gooders to help out on the day of the event, so please reach out if you are interested in getting in on the action!

Jill Ricci aka “The Mad (hot) Scientist”

In high school, where there was smoke, there was Jill blowing something up in the Science Lab!  A self-proclaimed nerd, Jill spent her time with fellow Science Clubbers working through the methodologies that would result in winning the most Pokemon cards!  Jill’s currently a bit behind schedule in this little experiment she calls life.  Her plans of marrying her idol Bill Nye by the age of 28 are about to be behind schedule…so she better get to work!  If Bill’s a craft beer fan, Jill may be in luck as she’s currently slinging pints behind the bar at Roc Brewing, one of Roc Prom Rerun’s sponsors!  She’ll also serve as one of our prom bachelorette’s to be auctioned off at an upcoming Roc Brewing event.  Does anyone happen to know Bill’s twitter handle?

During the day, Jill continues to serve her passion of all things Science as a Clinical Research Associate at the University of Rochester.  It comes as no surprise that with her profound knowledge of the steps of the Scientific Method, she’s in charge of all event and venue logistics for the Roc Prom Rerun.  Based on her research, she hypothesizes that this will be the best event Rochester has to offer this year!

Heidi Ferreri aka “The Model Student”

Head of Finance

It’s no wonder that Heidi has spent much of her adult life traveling the world and fighting to make a positive impact on the lives of others. Her passion for all things worldly started back in her Colorado high school, where she successfully went through a challenging International Baccalaureate program.  Since then, Heidi’s wanderlust has taken her to exotic destinations such as Thailand and Vietnam.  She also spent time brushing up on her romance language skills while living in Paris.  Heidi has now returned to the states and settled in exciting and exotic Rochester, NY, where she serves as the Director of Regulatory Affairs at Constellation Brands.  In addition to being a real-life example of a human-rights minded legal fox (perhaps Rochester’s own version of Amal Clooney?!) Heidi spends some time in front of her professional photographer husband’s camera.  Beauty and brains?  You’ll see a lot of that on this committee!  Heidi’s ability to communicate beyond borders makes her a great fit for handling the universal language, numbers, as she serves as head of Finance for the Roc Prom Rerun committee.

Bekka Lebowitz aka “The Bookworm”



Meet Bookworm Bekka!  In high school you could find nose her buried in a book, or cruising around Brighton in her sexy Geo Prizm after her Students for Free Tibet meetings. These days, Bekka owns Blue Axis, a property management company and real estate brokerage, and can be seen cruising around Rochester in her Chevy Volt.  She loves to rescue animals, play volleyball and travel the world, still with books in tow. Being a true lover of all words, it’s not surprising that Bekka is the Secretary for Roc Prom Rerun and is responsible for organizing the meetings.


Trisha Kirsch aka “The Athlete”

Entertainment Coordinator

In high school, you could find Trisha in the gym, on the volleyball court, or staying up until 3am to finish AP course homework.  She has always been a huge sports geek… I mean fan, and has a love for all things Yankees, Sabres, Syracuse Orange, and NY Giants.  She also loves to watch golf and the WWE.  For her senior prom 2000 she is strategically hiding her broken arm in a cast from a rollerblading accident and is rocking her 1990’s digital watch.  Trisha went on to be a D3 NCAA Rowing Champion, and still spends a lot of time doing whatever she can to be active. She has gone on to become an accomplished Real Estate and Corporate Attorney, but still spends mornings before work with her young daughter… first checking out ESPN highlights, then having dance parties to Montel Jordan and Salt n Pepa.  She’ll be sure to entertain you with her sweet moves off the court- while she heads up our entertainment initiatives at the prom!